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2017 Arkansas Construction Legislation Update – Construction Law

2017 Arkansas Construction Legislation & Construction Law Update AR. S.B. 601 Repeal the Arkansas Prevailing Wage Law repeals prevailing wage laws for public works projects. The legislature declared an emergency so that the bill would be effective before the end of the fiscal year on June 30, 2017. AR. H.B. 2273 Develop a Construction Manager-General…
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Construction Mediation & Construction Arbitration: Part 3

PART 3: MANDATORY MEDIATION AND CONSTRUCTION MEDIATORS A. States Should Require Mandatory Mediation Prior to Trial Because mediation clauses may not always find their way into construction contracts in Arkansas or any other state, states should require that complex disputes, such as construction claims, go to non-binding mediation before the claims are litigated in a…
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Construction Mediation & Construction Arbitration: Part 2

PART II. DISCUSSION A. Construction Attorneys and Construction Mediators Take Note As the introduction to this article demonstrates, even simplified construction disputes involve many parties and complex, technical issues; however, there is good news for construction mediation proponents. Construction attorneys in Arkansas and abroad should take note that the American Arbitration Association noted that construction mediation…
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