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A US Infrastructure Bank and Arkansas Public-Private Partnerships (P3s and PPPs)

Arkansas Public-Private Partnerships and a new US Infrastructure Bank Although revenue bonds and public-private partnerships (P3s) are valuable tools for financing infrastructure projects in Arkansas, a U.S. Infrastructure Bank could also help projects move forward. As a project finance attorney and construction lawyer in Arkansas, I assure that many borderline bankable projects fall by the…
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A Brief History of Construction Law

  A Brief History of Construction Law In the United States – and internationally – construction law as a distinct body of law comprised of regulatory, statutory, contract, property, tort, insurance and surety law is a relatively recent phenomenon. Arkansas is no different. Construction law in Arkansas has followed the same trajectory as other states.…
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2017 Arkansas Construction Legislation Update – Construction Law

2017 Arkansas Construction Legislation & Construction Law Update AR. S.B. 601 Repeal the Arkansas Prevailing Wage Law repeals prevailing wage laws for public works projects. The legislature declared an emergency so that the bill would be effective before the end of the fiscal year on June 30, 2017. AR. H.B. 2273 Develop a Construction Manager-General…
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